A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Explore a world of darkness and drop candles as you make mistakes to find your way!

So this year (2019) i decided to participate in the Global Game Jam from home, 
but since they don't allow online submissions i made the choice to make a game either way and publish it!
The theme was ‘What home means to you’, and to me home is a place of calm and peace of mind, which is what this game represents.
Hope you enjoy!

W - Jump
A and D - Movement
S - Die (Use this to drop the candle at certain key points to provide better visibility)

Assets were made by myself except for the audio, all assets are included in the Asset folder for educational purposes. :)


A Light in the Dark Win64.rar 56 MB
A Light in the Dark Win32.rar 53 MB
A Light in the Dark Osx64.rar 65 MB
A Light in the Dark Linux64.rar 59 MB
A Light in the Dark Linux32.rar 62 MB
A Light in the Dark Assets.rar 89 MB


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Is the game finished and needs no more updates?

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Yeah! This game was made during the duration of the gamejam at the time and i consider it a small finished game, it isn't perfect or super polished but it is definitely beatable! :)

Thank you for the follow btw! If you are interested in my games i suggest you check out Horoscopicus as it is my most recent project that has been receiving regular updates! :D

Updated the Builds so that they are all separate according to the System! :)