A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

DISCLAIMER: This game is currently in development and does not represent the entirety of the final project. Any feedback/suggestions/ideas are gladly taken and appreciated!


Welcome to Scarf Dungeon! A game In which you take a the role of a hero and battle your way through waves of monsters, complete with different areas, bosses and a shop to improve your gear!

This is a Reflex and Strategy based dungeon crawler in which you fight different types of enemies and progress trough various areas of the game. 

Be careful as death will lead you back to square one and the ramping difficulty of the game will leave you with new knowledge as well as money to improve your odds on the next run.

Please read the README.txt included in the download as it contains a lot of important information! :)

Follow us on our Discord server here if you are interested in this project!



Lolight2 (Coding and gameplay):

Lonely Tear (Art and Design):

Install instructions



1- Certify that the version for the game you downloaded is the one that is compatible with your system.

2- Run the "Scarf Dungeon" executable and have fun! (hopefully!)


1- Make sure that you have "Unknown sources" enabled in the "Security" settings, otherwise you won't be able to install this Application.

2- Place the APK file on your phone and run it, the installation process should begin.

3- Again, Play protect will bug you that it isn't a recognized developer, i apologize for this but I ask that you ignore the warning as I did not know how to set the app into debugging mode or pre-release mode.

4- Run the "Scarf Dungeon" App and have fun! (hopefully!)


Scarf Dungeon Android Apk Version.apk 3 MB
Scarf Dungeon Android Rar Version (Includes Readme).rar 2 MB
Scarf Dungeon Windows 64.rar 59 MB
Scarf Dungeon Windows 32.rar 56 MB
Scarf Dungeon MacOS.rar 79 MB
Scarf Dungeon Linux 64.rar 60 MB
Scarf Dungeon Linux 32.rar 63 MB

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