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Hello! Thank you for checking out the game!

Horoscopicus GP is a 2D platformer where you collect all of the Zodiac signs!

It has a Gameboy color aesthetic to it which should bring back some memories!

(Best experienced in the android version since it has the full Gameboy to play with just like shown on some of the screenshots)

Each level is intended to be short/medium length and they are all playable in any order so choose your favorite sign and give it your best! :)

---In Development---

The game is being developed with the intention of an eventual release for Android and possibly Windows, the android version will be free with ads on the Playstore and the Windows version will be completely free!

I do have the Linux and OSX Version up but I can't provide any support for these because I do not own these machines, do tell me if there is any problem however and I will do my best to fix it!

Because of this work in progress nature, SAVES WILL BE DELETED whenever an update comes out, I apologize for the inconvenience.

There are a lot of things that aren't completed or fully polished yet  but I decided I wanted to release it a bit earlier because I wanted to get some feedback so that I can listen to some suggestions and improve the game before a final release!

I appreciate all the feedback I get so please do leave a comment or contact me on Discord if anything comes up!




Arrow keys to move and shift the camera.

Z to Jump.

X to Attack.

A to Pause.

S to open Settings.


The controls should all be on screen! :)



  • Another new level! Are you good at precision platforming? Test out your skills in LIbra! :D
  • Tweaked the Taurus stage in order to facilitate some ledge jumps! (Thank you to playerxt for the feedback!)
  • Added occasional health pickups that drop from enemies! (I had this idea in mind for a while, but playerxt's suggestion for it helped me take the leap to actually implement it, thank you again!)
  • Tweaked the Camera, it will no longer move far ahead of you but instead its smoother, this should help those who felt it was weird before or even got nausea from it (Sorry! :S)
  • Made Jumping with tiles above more forgiving!
  • Added max falling distance. (This only matters in super tall stages where it will essentially reset the player if the fall is too big)
  • Added a getting stuck prevention method! (If the player ever gets stuck in tiles, it will turn off collisions for the player momentarily so that no one gets soft-locked! :) )


  • New level! Try your best to dodge a giant bird with a jar in Aquarius! :)
  • New visual upgrades! When you pick up upgrades at the end of the levels, you can now see the upgrade on the player itself!
  • Updated the Sky backgrounds (Not super content with them yet, will likely get reworked in the future)
  • Added a TON of quality of life improvements seen in other more polished platformers (Ability to walk across 1 wide games, Jump buffer, coyote time, better headroom collisions, better air control, etc.)
  • Made the Scorpio level more forgiving, it might still be a little bit tough but it is now more manageable.
  • Tweaked some of the level design in other stages.


  • Scorpio is now available to play! It is on the tougher side so make sure to get upgrades from the other levels before attempting this one! 
  • Fixed a lot of bugs behind the curtains related to saving and menu options. 
  • Added Particles which were pretty requested. (Please tell me if these cause any kind of performance issues, I optimized them a lot but it might still be too much for some devices)
  • Added a warning on new game starting if a save is detected to warn people about accidental save deletion and with this also came autosaves! Every time a checkpoint is hit the game saves. :)
  • Replaced some textures and tweaked some of the level design from the previous levels, they should be a little bit more forgiving now! :D


  • A whole new level and enemy! Give it a try!
  • Enemies explode on death instead of lingering.
  • Fixed Settings menu (Needs testing).
  • Added controller support (Needs Testing).
  • Fixed Checkpoints and saves!.
  • Added Signs for Gamepad Support.
  • Added Title screen changes to all versions, should be able to know what to press depending on which control method being used!


  • Fixed some jump inconsistencies. 
  • Tweaked ledge grabbing.
  • Removed ability to attack while ledge grabbing.
  • Added better computer support by changing the signs in the tutorial.
  • Tweaked the PC border to overall make it look a little bit better.


  • Early release! There were a couple of previous iterations of the project but this one was the one I felt was the most presentable one.

---What's left to do?---

-Tweak the menu options to require holding the button to accept instead of selection in the menu itself.

-Adding the remaining levels.

-Sound effects and Music.

-More content! :) 

Install instructions

---For the Android version:---

Download the APK and open it on your Android phone

It will give you a warning about the app not being signed, this is because I unfortunately do not know how to set it as a tester version so please ignore it!

Install it and run it.

(If having issues with installing from unknown sources check the security settings)

---For any of the Computer versions:---

Extract the game and run Horoscopicus/Horoscopicus.exe/nw (This depends on which version you have.

Please check the controls in the front page as they haven't been fully adapted into the game yet!


Horoscopicus GP v0.7.0 (Android).apk 5 MB
Horoscopicus GP v0.7.0 (Windows 64bit).rar 62 MB
Horoscopicus GP v0.7.0 (Windows 32bit).rar 59 MB
Horoscopicus GP v0.7.0 (OSX 64bit).rar 82 MB
Horoscopicus GP v0.7.0 (Linux 64bit).rar 63 MB
Horoscopicus GP v0.7.0 (Linux 32bit).rar 67 MB

Development log


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Bem era manhã calma tinha acabado de acordar estava aproveitando minha terça de folga coloquei cafe com leite na minha caneca e fui ver as novidades no itch.io ai vejo uma notificação do seu game que ganhou um update e instalo e jogo.Bem agora que voce sabe sem necessidades da minha manhã vamos falar do update :)

Cara gostei muito das novidades alem dos saltos entre plataformas serem muito mais facil agora,eles estao mais precisos,os graficos deram uma melhorada,foi uma boa adição as skins que o personagem ganha quando pega uma insigna,level designe teve melhoras,e..desculpa nao joguei ainda a nova fase...mas vou jogar.

Agora umas coisas que eu nao gostei foi o level designe ele melhoro mas tem muitas fases que ainda tem problemas tipo a fase do boi :- ,eu quase que taquei o celular pela janela :^ serio que fase dificil.nas partes de subir na parede atraves dos buracos eram muitos precisas para um controle de toque no android,e fases como da caverna da floresta (não a aquatica) tinham o checkpoint muito longe um dos outros.

Agora minhas dicas:

1°seria uma uma boa ideia se os inimigos droped out corações quando mortos,assim aliviaria a dificuldade e daria mais interessa no jogador em mata-los.

2°Outra boa adição seria aumentar os botões do android de andar ,foram varias vezes que  morri por nao ter apertado o botao de andar.

E acho que foi tudo cara parabens pela atualização melhoro muita coisa e deixou ate mais bonito o game ,vou estar esparando pelo concertos dos problemas (boi),e boa sorte na produção do game ate a proxima ;)

(I will reply in English so that others can get some context :P )

Thank you very much for giving YET ANOTHER SHOT! That is amazing and i am seriously thankful that you would go as far as to drop some feedback my way and keep following the game this closely :)

So i implemented the Health drop pickups suggested (as a chance to drop, not guaranteed), and this should hopefully make some of the tougher stages before be a little bit more tolerable, i also tweaked the Taurus stage so it is a little easier to do ledge grabs on it :) (I don't think other stages are getting this treatment as it will be all about the challenge of landing the precise ledge grabs haha!)

Unfortunately i have experimented with other sizes for the buttons and didn't come to very good conclusions, it seems that if i make it too much bigger they will get too crammy, and any smaller will make them too hard to use.

I will try and see if i can come up with a better solution, but for now they remain unchanged.

Thank you again for playing my game, it brings me a lot of happiness to see people giving it a try! :D


I played this version and liked it a lot, besides you fixing the bugs, I feel that the design level is more accurate, but I didn't lose the difficulty, I liked the torch animation, you did it in my opinion, if you make more decorations like that, gives your game more life and that's it, I liked this update, good luck with your project and sorry for my Brazilian English ;)

Wow man, thank you very much! I am super glad you enjoyed the improvements i made, i am sorry for not noticing this comment earlier!
I hope that my future updates will also make the experience even nicer! :)

(Currently i am working on the next level and i am adding visuals to each upgrade you can get that will show on the character as a recolor)



Outra obs que esqueci de dizer e que o som nao esta funcionando no android 👍

O jogo ainda não tem som infelizmente, estou a contactar uma pessoa para eventualmente fazer uma soundtrack e sons :)

Ok então vou tar ma espera da soundtrack valeu ;)


Legal o jogo ainda mas com a ideia lembrar o jogos do game boy,uma obs : eu joguei no android e a vezes trava 🖒.

Boa sorte no desenvolvimento espero que ele cresça

Obrigado! Vou continuar a desenvolver o melhor que conseguir :)

Dei upload agora de uma nova build com um novo nivel que é capaz de dar fix desse problema! :D



Thank you! I hope you enjoy it :)